One of the softest fruits in existence, the red peach, under its velvety skin, contains a fleshy golden heart full of flavour.



In Spain, the peach tree is the most cultivated of the different sweet fruit species and this variety, Lola, is one of the earliest and can be enjoyed as early as May.

Red Top

This variety of peach with a reddish skin that contrasts with a golden, firm and juicy interior is available towards the end of summer. At Sanllo we wait to harvest it when it is at its optimum ripeness.

Rich Lady

One of the first varieties to ripen, this peach from California, has an intense flavour. It is red on the outside and has a bright yellow-orange inside.

Summer Rich

This peach created by the American Floyd Zaiger is, recognised as the best hybrid of yellow-fleshed peaches, it can be enjoyed from July onwards.

Sweet Dreams

This peach variety, produced by the Zeiger programme in the USA, is big, firm and perfectly balanced in flavour.


Of the later varieties of red peaches, the Tardibelle, with its orange skin like a summer sunset, it is harvested in September.

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