Fleshy, juicy and sweet, this peach hybrid, originally from China, is one of the most eagerly awaited fruits of the summer. Choose from all our varieties.



This variety is one of the first to ripen. Its characteristic flat shape hides inside a white, firm and refreshing flesh that will delight fruit lovers during the summer days.


The Samantha Paraguayan stands out for its intense red colour. This early variety of paraguayo is preserved without cracking, which facilitates its perfect conservation until it reaches the final consumer.


This variety of paraguayo was developed in Italy by crossing the varieties Maybelle and Saturn. Its reddish skin has a white flesh inside, with a sweet flavour and light pink veins.


As the name suggests, this variety of flat peach is sweet like caramel. On the other hand, the word flat refers to its flattened shape, slightly flatter than the other varieties.


With the beginning of summer and the beginning of July, the VIU5 Paraguayan reaches its optimum ripening point. Its firm texture and sweet to semi-acidic flavour make it the best choice.

Plane Star

This variety of flat peach is from Badajoz. The result is a tasty, sweet and juicy late fruit with very good keeping qualities.

Sweet Cap

This variety is characterised by its fleshy and juicy interior protected by a reddish and velvety skin. Enjoy this paraguayo which, as its name suggests, is sweet and very aromatic.

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