Tasty, intense and with yellow flesh, nectarines are a fruit derived from the peach that Sanllo harvests at the key moment of ripening.


Honey Blaze

The name honey refers both to the intense yellow colour of the flesh and the extraordinary sweet taste of this early variety of nectarine.

Scott Bt

The optimum ripening point of this variety of nectarine coincides with the beginning of summer. Its rounded shape and smooth skin make the Scott BT a fantastic choice to enjoy on hot days.


This is one of the nectarines with the most surprising flavour. This variety stands out for changing the characteristic sugary taste of the rest of the varieties, it has an acid touch that activates your senses at the first bite.

Big Top

Created by the revolutionary Floyd Zaiger, a native of Nebraska, USA, this variety of nectarine is one of the best known and tasted by fruit lovers. Its bright reddish colour, consistency and flavour will win you over.


Large-fruited, voluminous and almost garnet red, this nectarine hybrid is very easy to identify not only by its appearance but also by its crunchy texture typical of this fruit.

Zincal 30

This Californian variety is harvested in mid-July when it has reached its optimum ripeness to ensure that our customers enjoy the full flavour and quality of this nectarine.

Big Orange

This late nectarine variety is named for its characteristic orange colour, resembling the citrus fruit of the same name. Its crisp interior and intense flavour will delight you.

Red Jim

With the arrival of August, the holiday month par excellence, the harvesting of this variety of nectarine begins. Enjoy eating it with or without skin at room temperature or fresh from the fridge.

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