Originally from Asia, this delicate, velvety and warm-coloured fruit pleases the palate.



The Colorado variety is named after the reddish colour of the skin of this fleshy and very, very sweet fruit. Its high water content makes it a must for hot summer days.


This slightly oval, deep red apricot variety with orange hues reaches its optimum ripening point at the beginning of June. At Sanllo we work with the best to offer you the highest quality.

Magic Cot

This is one of the first varieties to ripen. Enjoy this apricot from the first fortnight of May. Its colour is more orangey than the other varieties with a slight pinkish tinge.

Lilly Cot

Enjoy this apricot variety, its texture and flavour from the second fortnight of May. It is hardy and of great quality. At Sanllo we take into account the flowering and ripening times to offer you the best.

Pink Cot

As its name suggests, this apricot variety has a pinker shade on the outside. Inside it has all the flavour of a fleshy, juicy and firm fruit.

Perle Cot

The apricot variety Perle Cot is deep red in colour with a gentle gradient towards bright orange and is ready for consumption towards the end of May. Its aroma and flavour are surprising from the first bite.


This apricot variety is characterised by its bright orange colour. It is one of the later varieties and can be eaten well into the summer, around the middle of July.

Orange Red

This variety of apricot is medium-sized, round, with orange and reddish fruit, originating from France. It has a sweet and aromatic flavour and its flesh is juicy and firm.

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