Our Summer Fruit

Originally from Asia, this delicate, velvety and warm-coloured fruit pleases the palate.

One of the softest fruits in existence, the red peach, under its velvety skin, contains a fleshy golden heart full of flavour.

Tasty, intense and with yellow flesh, nectarines are a fruit derived from the peach that Sanllo harvests at the key moment of ripening.

Fleshy, juicy and sweet, this peach hybrid, originally from China, is one of the most eagerly awaited fruits of the summer. Choose from all our varieties.

Of unknown origin, they have been cultivated since ancient times in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Their shape and colour vary depending on the variety.

Originally from Africa, it is the quintessential summer fruit. With a high water content, this fruit has the ability to cool you down on even the hottest day.

At Sanllo we believe that cherries are one of the gifts of nature.